Snappy 100 Start/Stop Car Battery EFB 12v 75AH 4 Year Warranty

75 ah


4 Years


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Snappy Battery Warranty

  • Depending on the battery you've bought, it'll have a warranty period of 2/3/4/5 years. Have a look at the label on your new battery to find out how long your battery's warranty is. 
  • Your battery warranty isn't transferable between vehicles. 

How does the warranty work?

  • The warranty covers any manufacturing defects, which arise within the warranty period. 
  • In the unlikely event you experience a problem with your battery, please return the battery to us along with proof of purchase. Unfortunately, we're unable to offer a replacement battery without a dated proof of purchase. 
  • We'll carry out a complete health check on the battery, which will indicate if there's a fault with the battery; the results of our battery check are final. 
  • If the battery's found to be faulty, we'll happily replace it for you. 
  • If you experience any problems with your battery, which haven't arisen as a result of a manufacturing defect, we're unable to provide a replacement battery. 
  • The warranty on any replacement battery will expire on the original battery's warranty expiry date. 

What isn't covered by the warranty? 

The following may cause your battery to become damaged. As these issues are not manufacturing defects, they aren't covered by the warranty: 

  • Sulphation: This tends to happen if your vehicle isn't driven for extended periods. 
  • Deep cycling: This can happen if the vehicle's engine is started very frequently or electrical consumers are left on for extended periods between journeys. 
  • Overcharging: This is usually caused by a fault in the vehicle's charging system. 
  • Physical damage: This can be caused by incorrect handling or storage. 
  • Incorrect application: Make sure you're using the battery that Snappy recommends for your vehicle! 
  • Wear and tear caused by misuse

Your statutory rights remain unaffected 

100 EFB Batteries

Having trouble starting your car, especially in the morning? EFB batteries might be your solution. They are made for vehicles with start-stop systems, offering up to 8 times more engine starts than standard lead acid batteries.

This blog post will guide you through understanding and choosing the best 100 EFB battery for your vehicle. Keep reading to find out how!

Key Takeaways

  • EFB batteries offer up to eight times more engine starts than standard lead-acid batteries, making them perfect for cars with start-stop systems.
  • These batteries come in various sizes and power capacities, fitting a range of vehicles and meeting different power needs.
  • Improved charge acceptance and cyclic durability mean EFB batteries recharge faster and last longer, even under frequent starting conditions.
  • Batteries by battery brand like Exide, Bosch, and Halfords provide high - quality 100 EFB car batteries with features like high performance in cold weather and long warranties for added peace of mind.
  • When choosing 100 EFB batteries by part number, consider size compatibility with your vehicle, the cold cranking current (CCA) for reliable starts in cold climates, warranty durations, customer reviews for real-world insights, and price comparisons to ensure you get the best value.

What is EFB 100 Car Battery

An EFB 100 car battery stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery, a technology crafted to meet the demands of a starter battery with a start-stop vehicle system. It features superior charge acceptance and cyclic durability than traditional batteries, making it a reliable choice for modern cars.

Enhanced Flooded Battery

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are a step up from traditional lead-acid batteries, offering improved car battery charging acceptance and greater cyclic durability. They support vehicles with start-stop systems by handling the increased demand for power, making them ideal for modern driving needs. To start the charging process correctly, read the operating instructions first. Then, you need to ensure to disconnect the connecting cable which is connected to the negative terminal which prevents a short circuit between the positive terminal and the ground.

EFB technology delivers up to eight times more engine starts compared to standard AGM batteries or conventional lead acid batteries meeting the requirements of drivers looking for reliability and performance.

Manufacturers like Exide, Bosch, and Varta have developed their versions of EFB batteries to cater to varying vehicle needs. These batteries come in different capacities ranging from 12v 65ah to 105 AH and cold cranking amps (CCA) between 520 CCA and 950 CCA.

This variety ensures that vehicle owners can find a battery that fits their car's specifications and enhances its functionality without compromise.

Ideal for start-stop systems

Moving from the basics of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB), it's essential to understand their critical role in start-stop systems. These systems require a battery that can handle frequent engine restarts without wearing down quickly.

EFB batteries fit this need perfectly, offering up to 8 times more engine starts than standard lead acid batteries. This capability makes them an outstanding choice for vehicles equipped with start-stop technology, where the engine shuts off at stops to save fuel and reduce emissions.

EFB car batteries shine in these scenarios because they have improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability. This means they recharge faster after each engine start and can do so many more times over their lifetime compared to traditional batteries.

For vehicle owners looking for reliability and efficiency in their start-stop systems, opting for an EFB battery is a smart move that ensures smoother operation and longer life for the vehicle's electrical system.

Features of 100 EFB Car Batteries

100 EFB car batteries pack a powerful punch, ensuring your vehicle starts quickly every time. They also last longer, making them a reliable choice for modern engines that demand more power.

High performance

100 EFB batteries stand out for their high performance, capable of providing up to eight times more engine starts than traditional lead-acid batteries. This unmatched capability ensures that vehicles equipped with EFB technology are always ready to go, offering reliability and efficiency for start-stop systems.

These batteries also excel in charge acceptance and cyclic durability, making them a robust choice for motorists seeking superior performance from their vehicle's power source.

EFB car battery technology supports the demanding electrical needs of modern cars, including those with advanced start-stop functionalities. With enhanced charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability even in a reduced state of charge, these batteries deliver consistent high performance.

They ensure your vehicle operates at its best by sustaining power over longer periods and under various conditions.

Power your journey with exceptional strength - choose 100 EFB batteries.

Long lasting

After discussing the high performance of 100 EFB car batteries, it's crucial to highlight their durability. These batteries are built to last much longer than standard lead-acid types.

They can handle up to eight times more engine starts, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go whenever you are. Their design supports improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability even when partially charged, providing a reliable power source for vehicles with start-stop systems.

EFB technology extends the lifespan of your car battery significantly. This means fewer replacements over the life of your vehicle and less worry about being stranded due to a dead battery.

Investing in an EFB battery translates into long-term savings and peace of mind on every journey, making them a smart choice for modern engines that demand more from their batteries.

Popular Brands of 100 EFB Car Batteries

Many top brands like Exide, Bosch, and Halfords offer high-quality 100 EFB batteries for your car. Explore these options to find the perfect match for your vehicle's needs.


Snappy offers a range of 100 EFB batteries that match the needs of modern vehicles with start-stop systems. Their batteries are known for efficient charge acceptance and durable performance in all types of weather conditions.

With Snappy, drivers get reliable power sources that make sure their cars start every time, keeping them on the move without worry.

Snappy: Powering your journey with reliability and efficiency.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a 100 EFB Car Battery

Choosing the right 100 EFB car battery involves checking if it fits your vehicle perfectly. Look at the cold cranking current to ensure it meets your car's needs for reliable starting in cold weather.

Size and compatibility

Checking the size and compatibility of a 100 EFB battery before purchasing is crucial. All batteries in this category measure 278L x 175W x 175H, ensuring they fit perfectly in vehicles designed for this size.

This standardization simplifies the process of finding a replacement battery. It's essential to match these dimensions with your car's battery space to avoid any installation problems.

Compatibility extends beyond physical size. Vehicles equipped with a start-stop system require a good engine compartment that will suit batteries like the Halfords EFB100 Start Stop Car Battery, specifically engineered for such technology.

This model provides an impressive startup power of 650Amps (CCA) and operates at a voltage of 12V, making it ideal for modern cars that demand more from their batteries. Selecting the right EFB battery means checking both its physical fit and its technical capabilities against your vehicle’s requirements.

Cold cranking current (CCA)

Cold cranking current (CCA) measures a battery's ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. The higher the CCA rating, the better its performance during chilly weather. EFB batteries shine in this aspect with CCA ratings ranging from 520 to 950, ensuring reliable starting power even on freezing mornings.

They are designed to provide up to eight times more engine starts than standard lead-acid batteries, making them a smart choice for drivers facing extreme conditions.

Choosing the right CCA is crucial for your vehicle's needs, especially if you live in a cold climate or demand high performance from your car. Next, consider warranties and customer reviews before making your purchase decision.

Warranty and customer reviews

A warranty can save you from unexpected costs. Take, for example, the Halfords EFB100 Start Stop Car Battery which offers a 5-year guarantee covering manufacturing defects. This means if something goes wrong because of how it was made, you won't have to pay for repairs or replacement during this period.

Keep in mind, this guarantee sticks with the original vehicle and can't be switched to another one.

Customer reviews are crucial in making an informed decision about buying a new EFB battery. Real users share their experiences on performance, durability, and service life. These insights help you understand how well an EFB battery serves in different vehicles and conditions beyond what manufacturers claim.

Additional features and accessories

Some 100 EFB car batteries offer unique features that go beyond basic expectations. For instance, the Halfords EFB100 battery supports up to 270,000 engine starts, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Shopping at Snappy Start Batteries you access a wide selection of EFB batteries equipped with these helpful accessories at competitive prices, plus the convenience of next-day fast delivery. Also, you can look for marine batteries, Japanese import car batteries, golf trolley batteries all at a competitive price with the delivery cost included.


100 EFB batteries stand out for cars with start-stop systems, promising to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently. They offer superior performance, handling up to eight times more engine starts than traditional lead-acid batteries.

As vehicle owners explore options, the variety of brands like Exide and Bosch ensures a match for every need and budget. With their enhanced charge acceptance and durability, these batteries are set to power the next generation of automobiles.

Choosing the right EFB battery means investing in reliability and longevity for your vehicle.

Snappy 100 Start Stop Car Battery EFB 75AH 4 Year Guarantee

  • Comes fully-charged and ready to fit
  • Startup Power:  750 cca
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 75 Ah
  • Approximate Weight: 17.6kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 277mm x 175mm x 175mm
  •  4 year guarantee

The Snappy EFB 100 Start/Stop EFB 12V Car Battery allows up to 270,000 engine starts for use with start/stop function.

Start/Stop batteries come fully charged and ready to fit. Most vehicles will require this battery to be registered with the on-board computer system, therefore professional fitting is recommmended.


1. What does EFB battery mean?

An EFB battery stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery, which is a type of car battery designed to provide extra power and last longer than regular batteries.

2. How is an EFB battery different from other batteries?

EFB batteries have a special design that helps them handle more charge and discharge cycles, making them perfect for cars with start-stop technology.

3. How do you charge an EFB battery properly?

To charge an EFB battery, use compatible battery chargers and follow the instructions carefully to ensure it gets fully charged without overcharging.

4. Can I replace my car's standard battery with an EFB battery?

Yes, you can switch your car's standard battery to an EFB battery for better performance, especially if your vehicle has advanced features like start-stop technology.

Can be used as an upgrade or alternative to :

Banner P7740, P7412, P7212, RP72
Bosch  S3 008, S4 008, S5 008
Duracell DA74, DS72
Exide EB740, 067SE
Exide EA770, 067TE,
Lucas LS096, LP096, LC096
Numax 096
Oldham 096A
Platinum 096E
Varta 577 400 078, 574 409 068, 570 409 064
Varta Short code E11, E44, E13
Yuasa YBX3096, YBX5096, YBX1096
GS Yuasa SMF096

Battery Code 100 EFB
Voltage 12v
Start/Stop Compatible Yes
Power Capacity (c20) 75 ah
CCA (cold cranking amps) 750 cca
Weight (kg) 19.3 kg
Length (mm) 278 mm
Width (mm) 175 mm
Height (mm) 190 mm
Recommended Charge Rate (AH) 4 ah
Terminal Layout (+) on right side
Terminals DIN Post
Warranty 4 Years

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