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Choosing a Motorhome Leisure Battery

Selecting a high-performance motorhome leisure battery is easy with support from Snappy Start Batteries!

We'll explain how to understand the type of leisure battery you need to streamline the ordering process.

Which Are the Best Leisure Batteries for Campervans?

The best leisure batteries for campervans depends on your usage, for example:

  • Occasional usage or light leisure battery usage might be where you use a campervan only at the weekends. If you attend campsites with fixed power points, then a dual-purpose leisure battery is suitable.
  • Campers with an extensive array of appliances usually need a 110 Ah leisure battery to manage the supply-demand throughout the systems on-board.
  • Extended usage is also best supplied by a semi-traction leisure battery, with 100 Ah or 110 Ah.

Our range of leisure batteries goes up to 120 Ah and even 130 Ah, so if you need a more robust power supply or to manage a stronger demand, we've got you covered!

What to Look for in a Campervan Leisure Battery

Unsure what properties to look for in your campervan leisure battery?

Let's run through some of the common descriptions and properties to explain what they mean - and whether that leisure battery is correct for you!

12V Leisure Battery

A 12V leisure battery is suitable for powering 12V appliances in your campervan. They deliver steady, stable power over more extended periods.

You'll use a 12V leisure battery to control appliances such as an oven, kettle, TV or lights. It's well worth checking the voltage on any devices you expect to run from your 12V leisure battery to ensure they are standard and compatible with this power source.

85Ah Leisure Battery

Ah indicators on a leisure battery show you how many ampere-hours they run for.

The higher the Ah capacity, the longer the battery will run, and the more you can use your power source between charging!

The best way to size a leisure battery and check whether an 85 Ah leisure battery is suitable is to add up the total wattage of all your campervan devices and divide it by the voltage.

That calculation will show you the ampere-hours (Ah!) you require from your leisure battery.

Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

Deep cycle leisure batteries mean that the unit will last longer, with a more durable design.

Cycles mean the number of instances when a battery can be discharged by 50% and then be recharged up to full power.

In short, a deep cycle battery is a premium form of leisure battery because it will provide a consistent power supply for a longer period.

Is a Leisure Battery Different From a Car Battery?

Leisure batteries and car batteries work differently, so it's never wise to use a car battery to try and power motorhome applications.

Car batteries are designed to deliver bursts of energy when you start your engine. In contrast, a leisure battery provides lower energy but over more prolonged periods to power appliances and campervan equipment.

How Can I Ensure I Choose the Best Leisure Battery For my Applications?

The best leisure battery for your requirements will demand on many factors, such as:

  • The size of your battery tray - you'll need a campervan leisure battery that fits, of course! If you're unsure, we'd recommend measuring the tray or the space allocated to your leisure battery to ensure it's the correct size.
  • Your power demands - if you find yourself replacing a campervan leisure battery regularly, the chances are that your battery isn't suitable. A higher performance model will last longer and mean that you will save costs in the long run by replacing it far less often!

Please visit our online catalogue for full specifications for any tips about selecting the best leisure battery products.

Buying a Campervan Leisure Battery Online

Snappy Start Batteries is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of campervan leisure battery products, all backed by our exclusive warranties and full support from our customer service team.

If you wish to order online for home delivery, we offer a next-day service, completely free of charge with every order!

Save time, and get your campervan back on the road tomorrow with a quality, highly competitive campervan leisure battery from Snappy Start.

Find a Cheap Leisure Battery from the Leading Leisure Batteries UK Supplier!

Each of our cheap leisure battery options is backed by a market-leading warranty.

We aim to deliver unbeatable value, friendly support, and high performance to ensure your leisure batteries UK experience exceeds your expectations.

If you need assistance working out which of our leisure battery products best suits your requirements, please contact the Snappy Start team for professional guidance from the leisure battery experts.