Snappy 100 Car Battery 75AH Advanced Calcium Technology 4 Year Warranty

75 ah


4 years


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Snappy Battery Warranty

  • Depending on the battery you've bought, it'll have a warranty period of 2/3/4/5 years. Have a look at the label on your new battery to find out how long your battery's warranty is. 
  • Your battery warranty isn't transferable between vehicles. 

How does the warranty work?

  • The warranty covers any manufacturing defects, which arise within the warranty period. 
  • In the unlikely event you experience a problem with your battery, please return the battery to us along with proof of purchase. Unfortunately, we're unable to offer a replacement battery without a dated proof of purchase. 
  • We'll carry out a complete health check on the battery, which will indicate if there's a fault with the battery; the results of our battery check are final. 
  • If the battery's found to be faulty, we'll happily replace it for you. 
  • If you experience any problems with your battery, which haven't arisen as a result of a manufacturing defect, we're unable to provide a replacement battery. 
  • The warranty on any replacement battery will expire on the original battery's warranty expiry date. 

What isn't covered by the warranty? 

The following may cause your battery to become damaged. As these issues are not manufacturing defects, they aren't covered by the warranty: 

  • Sulphation: This tends to happen if your vehicle isn't driven for extended periods. 
  • Deep cycling: This can happen if the vehicle's engine is started very frequently or electrical consumers are left on for extended periods between journeys. 
  • Overcharging: This is usually caused by a fault in the vehicle's charging system. 
  • Physical damage: This can be caused by incorrect handling or storage. 
  • Incorrect application: Make sure you're using the battery that Snappy recommends for your vehicle! 
  • Wear and tear caused by misuse

Your statutory rights remain unaffected 

The Snappy 100 Calcium 12V Car Battery 4 Year Warranty comes fully charged and ready to fit.

Snappy 100 Calcium 12V Car Battery 4 Year Warranty Extra Info

  • Startup Power: 680 Amps
  • AH Value: 75
  • Reserve capacity: 135
  • Bench Charge: 7.4 Amps
  • Average Weight (kg): 17.5
  • Dimensions (LxDxH): 278x175x175mm
  • Guarantee: 4 Years
  • Sealed maintenance free (SMF)
Snappy batteries come fully charged and ready to fit. Most vehicles will require this battery to be registered with the on-board computer system, therefore professional fitting at Snappy stores and Autocentres is strongly recommended.

Can be used as an upgrade or alternative to :

Banner P7742, P7209, 57044, RP70
Bosch  S3 007, S4 007, S5 007
Duracell DS70, DA72
Exide EB712, 096SE
Exide  EA722, 096TE
Lucas LP100, LS100
Numax  100
Oldham 100A
Platinum  100E
Varta 570 144 064, 572 409 068, 574 402 075
Varta Short code E9, E43, E38
Yuasa YBX1100, YBX3100, YBX5100
GS Yuasa SMF100
Note : Always check current battery for suitability.

Battery Code 100
Voltage 12v
Start/Stop Compatible No
Power Capacity (c20) 75 ah
CCA (cold cranking amps) 680 cca
Weight (kg) 17.5 kg
Length (mm) 278 mm
Width (mm) 175 mm
Height (mm) 175 mm
Recommended Charge Rate (AH) 4 ah
Terminal Layout (+) on right side
Terminals DIN Post
Warranty 4 years

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